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最新バージョン:14.8.5 (2022-06-23)

20+ New Aircraft Markers - June 2022It's easier than ever to identify aircraft on the live map with 20+ new markers including F16, Spitfire and C17. This builds upon our recent updates that include:March 2022 - The Map Focus Update: - 6 map toggles including Military and Cargo to quickly highlight aircraft you're interested inFebruary 2022 - The Explore Update: Trending Flights, Recent Squawks and Notable Events at a glanceNovember 2021 - The Airport Update: Airport Performance data, Airport Weather trends and Daylight TimesAugust 2021 - The 3D Aircraft Liveries Update: Detailed aircraft liveries: Over 100 popular aircraft liveries recreated to enhance your 3D experienceJune 2021 - The Search Update: Find More, with Less: Get more relevant results, simply type into the search box and we’ll find themApril 2021 – The Calendar Timeline Update: Easily navigate our extensive collection of historic and future flightsMarch 2021 - The Single Flight Playback Update: Play, Pause and Rewind any past flight including 3DDecember 2020 - The Quick Filters & iPad UI Update: Simplify your view with Ground Traffic, Marker Type and Airport filtersOctober 2020 - The Aircraft Labels Update: Choose the position, colour and content of aircraft labels with powerful new label settingsAugust 2020 - The 3D Update: Flip instantly to 3D from any aircraft, airport or location on the mapMay 2020 - The Watch Update: Add the power of Plane Finder to your wrist with our free Apple Watch AppApril 2020 - The Weather Update: Experience the impact of weather on air traffic and airports worldwideThank you for supporting Plane Finder, we regularly release updates to bring you the best live tracking experience and are already working on the next set of features!


最新バージョン:7.8.3 (2022-06-21)

Bug fixes



アプリ名 Plane Finder Flight Tracker
配信者名 pinkfroot limited
DL料金 iOS: 無料, Android: 無料
AppStore評価 4.4(569)
PlayStore評価 3.4(7K)

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Plane Finder pinkfroot limited GooglePlay評価 3.9(1.71)

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