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App in the Air


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AITA LIMITEDの航空機の運航情報アプリ

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最新バージョン:8.7.2 (2023-09-27)

Dear Friends, Our freshest version of App in the Air is out now. Version 8.7.2 contains new features like travel insurance to protect your trip; some important changes to our pricing plans; Google ads served to members who enjoy the free version of our app; loyalty program management improvements, and bug fixes that will improve how you track flights, book trips and track your flight history.If you have questions, suggestions or need to report a bug, please write to our 24/7 support team at 8.7.2 Detailed Updates:1. Travel insurance policies from Battleface Insurance can now easily be purchased through App in the Air to protect your next trip against loss, delays, health emergencies, and cancellation. 2. New messaging banner and pop-up, announcing an increase in annual membership pricing, starting in October3. Google ads will now be presented to users with the free version of the app – a new ads banner will be shown on the user profile and will also pop-up upon opening the app4. Loyalty programs are now managed all in one place – users can now simply add their loyalty points program number and use their loyalty points in the booking process without having to login to their original airline or hotel loyalty program account5. 30+ bugs fixed from user support tickets and reportsIf you like this update, we would be happy to see your review on the AppStore.Let’s keep flying!Sincerely, The App in the Air Crew



アプリ名 App in the Air
DL料金 iOS: 無料, Android: 無料
AppStore評価 4.4(1.3K)
PlayStore評価 4.5(9.4K)

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アプリ名 エアトリ App in the Air Plane Finder Flight Tracker ジェットスター エアトリ NAVITIME Travel Skyscanner フライトライブ Flightradar24 United Airlines エアトリ Now KAYAK Hopper eDreams ANA アシアナ航空 スカイチケット atta(アッタ) JAL 駅探 飛行機時刻表 国内線 さくらトラベル
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Plane Finder Flight Tracker pinkfroot limited Appstore評価 4.4(781) GooglePlay評価 3.6(7K)
ジェットスター Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd Appstore評価 4.0(189) GooglePlay評価 1.9(7.4K)
エアトリ AirTrip Corp. Appstore評価 3.9(3.2K) GooglePlay評価 3.2(1.5K)
NAVITIME Travel NAVITIME JAPAN CO.,LTD. Appstore評価 4.1(2.6K) GooglePlay評価 3.8(621)
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eDreams eDreams App GooglePlay評価 2.9(14.5)
ANA ANA (All Nippon Airways) Appstore評価 4.6(234K) GooglePlay評価 4.4(3.03)
アシアナ航空 Asiana Airlines Appstore評価 4.5(2.9K) GooglePlay評価 4.1(1.95)
スカイチケット Adventure,Inc. Appstore評価 4.5(217K) GooglePlay評価 4.2(1.45)
atta(アッタ) ATTA INC. Appstore評価 4.3(619) GooglePlay評価 3.6(88)
JAL Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Appstore評価 4.5(102K) GooglePlay評価 4.3(1.48)
駅探 飛行機時刻表 国内線 Ekitan Appstore評価 4.1(139)
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