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最新バージョン:2023.2.5 (2023-05-25)

NEW: Modernized Design, Revamped Task Lists, New iPad App & New Mac AppWe're celebrating 10 years of Focus app with a huge update! Available starting with iOS 16.0 and macOS Ventura 13.3, discover the details:-------Revamped Task ManagementA refreshed design that makes staying on task even easier! - Organize tasks in three different lists: Today, Upcoming, and All. - Sort your tasks manually, by name, or by date added. - Add notes, due dates, time budgets, focus durations more intuitively. - Track your work time per task more elegantly with the redesigned task activity.-------All-new iPad and Mac AppThe iPad and Mac apps have been rewritten and modernized from the ground up: - New sidebar navigation that looks modern and feels more at home on the platform and us a joy to use.- New Timer view with the option to enlarge the timer on iPad and open separate timer windows on the Mac- New dashboard (more details below)- New and reorganized Settings-------New Dashboard for iPad and MacThe Focus Timer view now comes with a new and useful dashboard that offers a quick summary of essential information right next to your timer.You can customize what you want to see in your dashboard: - Upcoming tasks for the day- Progress towards your daily goal- Today's stats- Calendar view displaying your sessions- Inspirational quoteWith this helpful tool, you can effortlessly keep an eye on your personal productivity throughout the day!-------We're very thankful for all the amazing feedback that you shared with us these last 10 years. Focus would not exist without your contributions and support!A special thanks goes out to all our testers who helped us tremendously to get this new version polished and ready! And we're excited to hear what you think: If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback, please get in touch via —> support@meaningful-things.comLast but not least, if you like this update, please leave a rating in the App Store - that’s always a huge help!



アプリ名 Focus
配信者名 Meaningful Things GmbH & Co. KG
DL料金 iOS: 無料
AppStore評価 4.3(579)

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アイコン Flipd: 集中 スマホの依存症度を診断!スマホの病院スマホスピタル StudyCast(スタキャス)勉強タイマー付き自習室アプリ 勉強時間管理2 -勉強の計画と記録 Forest Be Focused 勉強や仕事に15分だけの集中タイマー Focus アヴェ・クラシック ~クラシック男子による作業集中タイマー~ Collect (コレクト) UBhind FLIP-集中力 UP!スタディータイマー ブルーバード SPACE 勉強タイマー「ZEN」集中した時間の記録と管理 Focus Timer : TIDE スマホ依存対策タイマー BFT
アプリ名 Flipd: 集中 スマホの依存症度を診断!スマホの病院スマホスピタル StudyCast(スタキャス)勉強タイマー付き自習室アプリ 勉強時間管理2 -勉強の計画と記録 Forest Be Focused 勉強や仕事に15分だけの集中タイマー Focus アヴェ・クラシック ~クラシック男子による作業集中タイマー~ Collect (コレクト) UBhind FLIP-集中力 UP!スタディータイマー ブルーバード SPACE 勉強タイマー「ZEN」集中した時間の記録と管理 Focus Timer : TIDE スマホ依存対策タイマー BFT
配信者 Flipd Inc. bondavi Inc Fuller, Inc. Lifesty・・・ Benesse Corporation ひろん SEEKRTECH CO., LTD. Denys Ievenko Takamitsu Kakita Meaningful Things Gm・・・ Yuria Sugiyama Ruffnote Inc. Rinasoft Inc. Cub & Pup Mrigaen Kapadia Nyampass Real Number Works In・・・ Moreless, Inc. For Innovation Produ・・・ IDEAMP Co.,Ltd.
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App Store Appstore評価 4.2(240) Appstore評価 4.9(95K) Appstore評価 4.6(3.2K) Appstore評価 4.7(6K) Appstore評価 4.5(696) Appstore評価 4.4(100) Appstore評価 4.3(579) Appstore評価 4.6(599) Appstore評価 3.3(70) Appstore評価 1.9(168) Appstore評価 4.8(134) Appstore評価 3.6(18) Appstore評価 4.3(233) Appstore評価 4.7(120) Appstore評価 4.7(8.7K) Appstore評価 4.0(101)
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Flipd: Flipd Inc. Appstore評価 4.2(240) GooglePlay評価 3.8(5.5K)
集中 bondavi Inc × × × × × Appstore評価 4.9(95K) GooglePlay評価 4.8(2.4K)
スマホの依存症度を診断!スマホの病院スマホスピタル Fuller, Inc. Lifestyle p GooglePlay評価 4.0(2.1K)
StudyCast(スタキャス)勉強タイマー付き自習室アプリ Benesse Corporation Appstore評価 4.6(3.2K) GooglePlay評価 4.8(762)
勉強時間管理2 -勉強の計画と記録 ひろん GooglePlay評価 4.2(302)
Forest SEEKRTECH CO., LTD. Appstore評価 4.7(6K) GooglePlay評価 4.6(56.8)
Be Focused Denys Ievenko Appstore評価 4.5(696)
勉強や仕事に15分だけの集中タイマー Takamitsu Kakita Appstore評価 4.4(100) GooglePlay評価 4.1(29)
Focus Meaningful Things GmbH & Co. KG Appstore評価 4.3(579)
アヴェ・クラシック ~クラシック男子による作業集中タイマー~ Yuria Sugiyama Appstore評価 4.6(599) GooglePlay評価 4.4(599)
Collect (コレクト) Ruffnote Inc. Appstore評価 3.3(70) GooglePlay評価 2.9(12)
UBhind Rinasoft Inc. Appstore評価 1.9(168) GooglePlay評価 3.9(3.62)
FLIP-集中力 UP!スタディータイマー GooglePlay評価 4.1(3.22)
ブルーバード Cub & Pup Appstore評価 4.8(134)
SPACE Mrigaen Kapadia Appstore評価 3.6(18) GooglePlay評価 4.2(2.81)
勉強タイマー「ZEN」集中した時間の記録と管理 Nyampass Appstore評価 4.3(233)
Focus Timer : Real Number Works Inc. Appstore評価 4.7(120)
TIDE Moreless, Inc. Appstore評価 4.7(8.7K) GooglePlay評価 4.3(2)
スマホ依存対策タイマー For Innovation Productivity GooglePlay評価 4.2(1.71)
BFT IDEAMP Co.,Ltd. Appstore評価 4.0(101)

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